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EcoTrapIn Xtra

EcoTrapIn Xtra (Patent applied for )has a retrofit waterless urinal technology that gets fitted at the base of urinal bowl. It consists of an inlet/outlet cartridge and a filter. Urine passes through inlet and seals the outlet once the urine is drained out. Filter keeps the urinal free from blockages. The technology converts conventional urinal into waterless urinal. No need to remove old urinal bowl.

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EcoTrapIn Plus

EcoTrapIn (patent published) waterless urinal system is based on an innovative technology by Tapu Sustainable Solutions. It is one of the efficient and cost effective solutions having proved its success.EcoTrapIn gets easily fitted below the existing design of urinal base and it has been vigorously tested for its effectiveness

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RainWater Harvesting

Climate Change affects the rainfall pattern drastically, meaning many countries and their sub parts doesn’t get the rain water as needed for sustainable living. Lakes and rivers water level fall when rain patterns are disrupted.

How do we provide the solution ?

  • Reliable conveyance system that give years of trouble free service
  • Maximum utilization of catchment area to ensure that the maximum rain water is captured into the system.
  • Efficient design to minimize rain water losses/wastage during transport of rain water.
  • Optimal Storage structure to maximize rain-water harvesting potential and minimize capital costs.
  • Some amazing features

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We are pleased with the product EcoTrapIn Waterless urinal system and happy to be served since more than one year


EcoTrapIn(eco-freindly) waterless urinal system is highly recommended for extremely hygenic and dry restroom

Our water saving is good with significant cut in utility bills after installing EcoTrapIn waterless urinal.Also it keeps our restroom dry and hygenic

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