EcoTrapIn Xtra

EcoTrapIn Xtra patent applied for is Government of India, Ministry of Science and Technology Department of Scientific and Industrial Research awarded, latest retrofit waterless urinal technology product. It’s ergonomic design converts any conventional urinal into waterless urinal.


Conventional Flush Urinal: No-No!

Heavy wastage of potable water

3-4 liter Of water used to flush per urinal


Continuous flushing adds to moist environment germs

Bad odour & Blockages

Water reaction with urine leads to ammonia formation

Why Choose EcoTrapIn Xtra?

  • No urine odor with blockage of sewage gases & bacteria – thus eliminates the need to flush urinal and achieve upto 99% water saving
  • No Flushing – prevents reaction betwween urine & water.Hence urinal will be free from odor & scale formation.
  • Extremely Hygienic – keeps restroom dry thus preventing growth of germs.


*For clean flow of urinal put 'Sifter' on the top of EcoTrapInXtra