Plastic Pollution

Invention of plastic is boon or curse, we are at the threshold to ponder over it. A century back it was to meet rapid requirements of industrialization, now  rampant to curb. Are we destroying our environment for it? Can we do something to prevent plastic abuse? Lets pledge to find solution and work on it…


EcoTrapInXtra Waterless Urinal Award Winning Technology

EcoTrapInXtra Waterless Urinal technology is our finest innovation in water conservation and sanitation. At par with other competition technologies available in the market, saving tons of potable water and converting into odorless experience restrooms.

It conserve’ 1,67,900 litre of potable water annually and converts conventional urinals into odorless. The technology has been awarded nationally and internationally viz.,

Gold Medal – Future of Inventions Bosnia

Silver Medal – China 9th International Exhibition of Inventions

Bronze Medal – India International Fair (Indian Innovators Association)

Technology Excellence Award (Cure or Disease) Lebanese Republic Technology