Ours’ is a visionary global contribution to conserve valuable resources of planet Earth. We are into sustainable green solutions to help alleviate issues like climate change and environmental burden. There are many barriers that adversely affect the successful implementation to proceed with sustainable living viz., cost, location, technology, mindset etc. And to improve upon life support on Earth, these barriers need to be leveraged without compromise in favour of conservation of natural resources.

We research and propose solutions to mitigate these barriers through sustainable products and services. The design and innovation is to preserve the vital ecosystem of habitable planet Earth.

Tapu is a think-tank to create ecosystem with viability, in life harbouring environment values. EcoTrapIn- waterless urinal product which conserves 1,67,900 litres of potable water per urinal per year, is our finest innovation in water conservation.
We are committed for end-to-end rain water harvesting solution to service customers need professionally.